我們覺得找一位頂級的Wallonie婚禮攝影師應該是一件輕鬆有趣的工作。 我們的WPJA婚禮攝影師將創作自然而坦誠的照片,捕捉您真實的婚禮故事。 以下是比利時婚禮攝影記者協會 - WPJA認可的攝影師:



Emilie Marchandise是Brabant Wallon的比利時紀錄片婚禮攝影師。

"Nothing great has ever been accomplished without passion" I graduated as an engineer and worked as a professor in biomechanics for some years but decided to take a 180° turn in life to live my passion and to become a professional family and wedding photographer. I love my work so much, especially wedding photography as it enables me to - to feel and capture your personality and emotions, - show all the love you have for each other, - catch authentic and spontaneous instants, - bring out the beauty of the moment, - document your wedding with poetry and simplicity ... Hope to meet you soon. [Brabant Wallon Wedding Photographer]

Fille Roelants攝影-婚禮攝影師

Fille畢業於2010的藥劑師,但很快就覺得這個職業不是他真正的使命。 在學習期間,他被攝影迷住了。 畢業兩年後,他開始通過拍攝通常以客人身份參加的聚會和活動將自己的愛好提高到一個新的水平。 特別是被美麗的燈光和人類情感所吸引,他開始​​拍攝全球各地的大型節日和聚會。 在3多年結合這些2工作之後,他逐漸陷入婚禮並自此不斷發展。 今天,他在大約140年的時間內拍攝了大約7個婚禮。 現在,他通常每年大約拍攝23次婚禮。 他一直受到眾多不同攝影師的啟發,這極大地影響了他的作品。 Alex Webb啟發了他探索分層世界。 菲爾(Fille)作為節日攝影師的背景為他帶來了非常動感的拍攝風格,著重於人類的情感,光線和色彩。 Fille還是一位敏銳的旅行攝影師,喜歡將其與婚禮攝影師的工作結合起來。 [安特衛普婚禮攝影師]


I believe in love and I am in love with photography :) I like to think that my images are simple, honest and modern. I consider myself a wedding photojournalist looking for the real moments: emotion, joy, tears and happiness. I care about making great images, and I smile a lot :) When I need a break, I enjoy trail running and yoga. I am not good at describing myself, so I will just mention a few things that I like: traveling and exploring, climbing mountains and skiing down them, taking long walks alone, morning runs in the forest, watching movies late at night, the smell of fresh bread, Indian food, making playlists and reading books. I know how important memories are and I know how to best capture them, true to life, for you. I am available for booking anywhere in Europe and internationally to capture your special moments. I documented my first wedding 8 years ago. Since then I have been traveling and photographing weddings worldwide, with clients from different parts of the world: France, Belgium, Italy, UAE, India, Brazil, USA, UK, Canada, Luxembourg, Ireland, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Romania, Lithuania, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand and more. I am so lucky to have the greatest job in the world :) [Brussels Wedding Photographer]

與層的婚禮照片| 進入儀式的新郎的圖像戶外
任何去過婚禮的人都知道攝影師的工作並不簡單。 這對婚禮攝影記者來說更是如此,其目標不僅僅是拍攝......了解更多
有一件非常骯髒的婚禮禮服的新娘被新郎在帳篷裡面的舞池裡舉起| 多雨的婚紗攝影